Personal finance brand, Kiplinger, has launched a new channel on its site called Wealth Creation that offers service-oriented content for consumers and financial planning professionals.

The channel will combine existing content with new content produced by stable of high-profile contributors, but the endgame is to build a community of professional financial advisor readers that advertisers will pay high CMPs to reach.

There’s a clear monetization strategy here,” says Doug Harbrecht, director of new media for Kiplinger Washington Editors.

The holy grail in the personal finance space is reaching financial planners and financial professionals for our advertisers.” Advertisers willing to pay CPMs of $50 to $100 to reach that market, says Harbrecht.

At the login stage, visitors are prompted to check whether they’re a financial planner or advisor or neither.

The channel launched early June and has so far collected 2,500 registrations, without any promotion.

To begin ad sales in earnest, Harbrecht says they’ll need to hit 15,000 to 20,000 registrations.