We hear endless talk about smart entrepreneurs in established innovation hubs like Silicon Valley and New York City, but some of the juiciest business solutions are cropping up in elsewhere U.S.A.-places in Middle America like Kentucky.

First up: Entrepreneur and Kentucky native Nate Morris, whose company Rubicon Global is reinventing one of the world’s most lucrative industries-waste management.

Konstanze Frischen, North America Director of Ashoka, sat down recently with Morris at the newly created Center for Social Enterprise in the University of Kentucky’s Gatton College of Business and Economics to hear more about his journey and learn why his state and region are fertile ground for entrepreneurs tackling big, global challenges.

Konstanze Frischen: Nate, you’ve started a business that is often characterized as theUber for trash”-a technology company that completely disrupts the waste management industry.

Morris: The thing that people don’t know about the trash business is that the big waste companies make all their money by taking your trash to the landfill that they own.

Because there is a market opportunity, it is reconditioning the way business leaders think about the environmental movement.

There are opportunities out there, opportunities for all Kentuckians, and I’m confident we can use business to solve the country’s biggest problems.