RIABiz: You plan to more than double United Capital’s size in three to five years.

JD: We’ve doubled in the last two years, and we expect to double them again in the next two years.

We think our organic should be another $1 billion to $2 billion dollars a year in new assets.

Last year we purchased around a billion, billion and a half [of assets], maybe.

We introduced a monetization strategy, so our partners who have been here for six years are able to actually monetize every year.

RIABiz: Last year, United Capital bought Paragon Advisors LLC in Seattle, which serves ultra-high-net worth clients.

We’re about to have our 10-year anniversary at the end of this year, and think that in 10 years, to have well surpassed $10 billion, to have surpassed $100 million in revenues, to have over 50 offices and over 400 employees, from something that didn’t even exist 10 years ago, that’s pretty amazing.