Where bank loans are not an alternative, an IOU term loan will help Rubicon’s haulers invest in equipment to take on more recycling volume and proudly join Rubicon’s expansion projects for a more sustainable world.

IOU loans will also be provided to Rubicon’s base of thousands of small businesses embracing recycling to contribute to a healthy planet.

“This partnership emphasizes IOU Financial and Rubicon’s shared values of promoting small business growth through a very smart recycling concept and innovative financing,” said Robert Gloer.

As a key component of IOU’s organic growth strategy, strategic partnerships allow IOU’s clients to connect with focused service providers such as Rubicon Global, thereby allowing for a unique, cost-efficient, one-stop-shop lending experience.

IOU Financial Inc. provides small businesses throughout the U.S. and Canada.

In a unique approach to lending, the IOU Financial advanced, automated application and approval system accurately assesses applicants’ financial realities, with an emphasis on day-to-day cash flow trends.

Rubicon Global is the worldwide leader in sustainable, cloud-based waste and recycling solutions.