Santa Clara, Calif. Avnet recently created a specific business unit to focus on the Internet of Things that combines its ability to harness technology from multiple sources into an industrial connectivity solution for those companies that lack the knowledge or ability to do it themselves.

At the 2017 Internet of Things World conference held here this week, the distribution giant showed off some of the companies that are working with Avnet to enable the future devices that will power smart cities.

Using the Visible Things IoT platform Avnet is working with a variety of companies in the smart cities market to create everything from smart garbage cans, to smart industrial lighting, to retail, to providing comfort at home.

Avnet helps these companies get from the device to the cloud and is now looking to extend that service by partnering above the cloud with other companies.

Avnet helped to build the model for the device and supplied components.

The technology platform, which utilizes Avnet electronics, works on a phone or tablet and allows for scheduled pickups and tracking of haulers in real-time.

Avnet also worked with Twyst to design a smart city shopping option to eliminate the need to wait in checkout lines.