Intuit is making another effort to help people save money with a new offering that benefits third-party applications.

Today, the financial service provider announced that it has opened up its platform, allowing developers to build connections with its popular TurboTax Online service.

The first to partner with Intuit is the online lender Earnest.

Intuit believes this will lead toInnovation in financial services that solves consumersbiggest financial challenges and helps them achieve their financial dreams.”

In the future, Intuit said it will offer SDKs that leverage financial identity, accounts, activity, and documents and host experiences within the platform.

Future integrations will be added, but Intuit said it’s going to be cautious about selecting partners.

Intuit selected the lender becauseThey already use data science to understand individuals at a deep level and save people money. They go far beyond the credit score by considering an individual’s full professional and financial profile to offer clients the terms and rates they deserve.”