Aline Lerner is one of the co-founders of

At first, Lerner says, everyone was given superhero names, but that quickly became problematic.

We let companies choose what they want,” she notes, addingGenerally we haven’t found any trend as to which is better.” Lerner says that when modulating men’s voices, “We add synthetic elements, so you don’t know if it’s a woman, or if it is a man whose voice is processed.”

Instead, Lerner says, “The way we filter candidates at the very top of the funnel is broken.” provides a platform that equalizes that very first part of the process.

Finding culture fits among new hires is just as important, Lerner maintains.

Says Lerner, “Filtering people [by merit] before complicated issues of fit is much more valuable than where they went to school or worked before, or what their name is,” she argues.

Lerner says 19 candidates have interviewed so far and of those five or six have received offers, and one has accepted.