Says cofounder Aline Lerner, women and minorities are flocking to the platform for that reason.

Most of the major tech companies have been criticized for their lack of diversity in the engineering department.

Not a huge number, but it’s still higher than the overall percentage of women working in software engineering jobs in Silicon Valley. levels the playing field for these workers by allowing them to log on, pick a time slot and start anonymously practicing their skills for evaluation in front of an engineer contracted with the company to identify top performers.

Lerner, who worked as a software engineer before starting her own recruiting firm, knows all too well the struggle women face in the job hunt.

“One of the main issues is companies rely on recruiters whether in-house or otherwise. They’re doing the best they can but they often don’t have the technical backgrounds so they have to look at other things like a resume or what school the person went to,” Lerner said.

Recalling her early days as a line cook where jobs were based on your cooking skills and not where you came from, Lerner thought up a more anonymized way to level the field and make it easy for hiring managers to verify top-notch talent through an anonymized system.