The objective of the software is to provide anonymous and blind online interviews and interview practice between employers and potential employees.

Although is still under development, it has great potential, and companies like Yelp have already begun using it in test interviews.

Candidates who use do not provide resumes or personal information to their interviewers, meaning that any bias, whether it is based on race, sex or even alma mater, will be effectively eliminated.

Even better, the site has a built-in voice modulator that disguises the voice of the candidate to prevent subliminal bias from developing and influencing the interview process.

When asked in a podcast of Morning Edition if she would participate in blind interviews in which her voice was distorted, she replied with a resoundingNo.“.

The very basis of a blind interview is removing all confounding variables tocreate a level playing field for all candidates.

Racial, gender, ethic, linguistic, socioeconomic and other criteria are intentionally divorced from the process of applying and interviewing for a job.