If such a thing is possible, Rubicon Global may have gotten more ambitious.

Following the news, sources had the characteristically broad range of reactions that come with any notable Rubicon move.

Rubicon has previously described its business as having “Three pillars” – its smart cities program, the RubiconPro hauler network and the more well-known collection service via third-party haulers.

Industrial Services of America sold CWS to an undisclosed purchaser for $7.5 million in 2015, and Morris confirmed that Rubicon bought it “.

The company reported “a $12.3 million gain on the sale of our solid waste management brokerage services business” in its latest 10-Q, though Rubicon maintains that was not the purchase price.

Another talking point was how Rubicon believes it can be more successful in integrating new companies than others, in part because of its leadership team.

In an industry that’s often overlooked compared to others, and usually content to keep it that way, it’s no surprise that Rubicon gets the attention it does or that competitors try to downplay it whenever possible.