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Practical black nylon doesn’t exactly conjure the thrill of travel.

What most decisively sets Paravel apart from its competitors is Rockefeller’s decision to reject all those fancy gizmos-we see you, robotic suitcase-in favor of thoughtful, durable designs that summon a more romantic, glamorous age of travel.

Travel has become a part of their existence, and we wanted to create a product that wasn’t an afterthought, but one that reflects how people travel today.

People want great design and materials that can stand up to the wear and tear of travel without needing to scream “Travel gear.” They want luggage that can be flexible and multipurpose, but doesn’t look like you just came from the airport when you’re heading to the office or going out to dinner.

Having a bigger demand for our bestsellers like the Grand Tour Duffel than we have a supply for might seem like a good problem to have, but when your number one goal is for customers to travel happy that can be very frustrating.

Why do you think so many women are killing it in travel at the moment?