They’re called Source hydropanels, and they actually create water out of air.

“If you can make water from the air in Arizona passively, you can do it anywhere,” Friesen said.

The systems already helped out in some of the world’s current water crises, from hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico to a girls orphanage for Syrian war refugees in Lebanon.

“These are young ladies who have lost their families, their homes, their country, and otherwise would be consuming water that would make them sick. And we were able to make it so they have perfect water. At least that piece of their life was better,” Friesen said.

“Is this really the solution? You’re not getting a ton of water out of these panels,” Yuccas said to Friesen.

“So each panel, I agree, makes an amount of water for basically a family of four. But you can aggregate those panels together to create big supplies of water where that’s necessary,” he responded.

For now, Friesen’s hope is people will use his Source water as a substitute for the 400 billion liters of bottled water sold each year around the world.