The UAE, which along with other Gulf economies relies heavily on desalination for potable water, is seeing an uptake in atmospheric water generation to supplement clean drinking water in homes and institutions.

Atmospheric water generation refers to a method of producing drinkable water directly from air by condensing the H2O molecules below dew point.

Vahid Fotuhi, vice president – Europe, Middle East and Africa at Source Global, which produces clean drinking water using renewable energy says the pandemic has been a boon for his industry.

The company, previously known as Zero Mass Water, relies on hydropanels to produce water directly from air using solar heat.

The Abu Dhabi-based firm, which still relies on conventional energy to produce water, is looking to bring manufacturing capabilities for atmospheric water to the UAE. “So at the moment, very proudly our products are all stamped with designed in the UAE,” says Mr Gardner.

Subscriptions start from just Dh195 per month, with the company providing units that produce clean drinking water and also emit dehumidified, particle and pathogen-free air back into the surroundings.

“That’s sort of the conventional utility approach to providing drinking water and is going to have a very expensive premium distribution infrastructure. And water-from-air does make sense as a way of filling in the gaps of conventional water distribution systems.”