Hicor Technologies, Inc., a compression technology company developing products for the oil and gas industry, announced today that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued US Patent No. 9,856,878, broadly covering a method and apparatus used in multiphase compression.

This latest patent gives Hicor broad protection over operating a compressor in wet gas applications, where liquids are present in the gas stream.

According to Jeremy Pitts, Hicor’s Chief Technology Officer, “Hicor is pleased and honored to have carved out such a large portion of the compressor technology landscape. We’re convinced that wet gas compression is the future of the industry, and this patent creates a significant barrier to competitors entering the space.”

Similarly broad as the wet gas compression award, that patent gave Hicor broad protection over high compression ratio technologies.

“Because we fundamentally think about compression differently than the industry has traditionally, we have been able to identify large opportunities to secure Hicor exclusivity to operate in wet gas and high ratio applications via our intellectual property strategy. We are very excited about the value we have created through our IP portfolio and the resulting strong market position that secures us.”

About Hicor Hicor’s mission is to bring customer and shareholder value through leadership in new compression technology development and deployment, utilizing its patented high efficiency, high compression ratio, wet gas compression technology.

At Hicor, we are passionate about solving long-standing problems in the oil and gas industry, which compels us to deploy new gas compression technologies.