In the connected home, smart water features are here to help householders wise up to water wastage.

Among this year’s new products is Kohler’s Sensate tap, which responds to your voice commands to turn water on and off and even dispense water in the required measured amounts.

The company said if a household comprising two people switched from hand washing to a dishwasher for one meal a day, the occupants could save 1,500 gallons of water a year.

Intelligent showers save water by starting the flow at the preferred temperature.

Despite the reduced amount of water that is used, the spray is designed to feel as if it is releasing a full stream of water; the relaxing Warm Spa feature even promises to help promote sleep.

Another water innovator to watch for is Zero Mass Water.

Launched last November, the system’s naturally harvested water is not only a free and sustainable resource, but also its taste is reportedly similar to the best bottled water brands.