You’re not stuck with your current student loan repayment plan.

Just as the number of federal student loan repayment options has grownrecently, so has the number of private lenders competing to refinance yourdebt.

Below are five of the best-known companies that refinance federal and private education debts.

The information in the chart was supplied by each company and not independently verified.

As you’ll see, their average interest rate reductions and average amounts saved vary, in part because some companies favor borrowers with higher interest rates and debt loads.

To help determine which of these companies would be the best fit for refinancing your loan, try Credible’s calculator, where you can enter your personal details and see the loan terms each lender is likely to offer.

Finally, one big caveat: If you refinance a federal student loan with one of these private lenders, you will be giving up some consumer protections associated with federal loans, such as loan forgiveness for public service jobs and the ability to enroll in an income-based repayment plan.