There are tried and true ways to get new clients, but will that change in the new wealth management landscape?

In February, Shareholders Service Group, the San Diego-based RIA custodian, announced a deal with Vestorly under which SSG’s 1,400 advisor clients will get preferred pricing on Vestorly’s digital marketing software suite, which provides content for advisor websites, email newsletters and social media, with the ability to identify visitors who are prospective clients.

Justin Wisz, CEO of venture-capital funded Vestorly, said the firm’s customersRun the gamut from one-person shopsto firms like Harold Evensky’s and Greg Friedman’s wealth management firms and enterprise deals with companies like SSG and United Capital.

Wealth management firms lack the time, knowledge and budget to put content marketing solution in place in a way that makes business sense for them,” Wisz said, “So they avoid digital marketing.” But VestorlyCan solve the problem with technology, automating a delightful content discovery experience that mirrors what consumers are used toin their website and social media experiences.

The advisor can wrap their message with third-party content,” Wisz said, “Which adds more credibility to the advisor.”

Vestorly’s technology places content from a host of content providers gathered in a content library chosen by the advisor-major media companies like The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal to specialized publications like, well, or Investment Advisor-onto the advisor’s site.

The advisor is given a report containing reader profiles ofThe people who are interactingwith their content on the site or social media, including what and  when they’re reading.