Writing for a regular column dubbedThe Experts“, venture capitalist John Greathouse suggested that women should escape the gender bias that pervades the tech industry by pretending not to be women.

Co/qoJvGGAYuC.Instead of expecting women & URMs in tech to hide from bias, take measures to counteract it!” tweeted software engineer Kelly Ellis.

It makes it harder for women to get credit for their work, it contributes to erasure of women in tech, signaling that it is a hostile environment to any women who want to go into it, and signaling to men both inside and out that tech istheirspace, and of course it places the burden on the minority to hide their identity instead of correcting the bias in the first place,” tweeted tech journalist Sarah Jeong.

The tech industry is a notoriously hostile environment for women workers.

Women are greatly outnumbered at most major tech companies, and a 2016 survey found that 60% of women working in Silicon Valley had experienced sexual harassment.

Katherine Clark Or, instead of telling women to hide their gender, we could work on fixing systemic bias & lack of diversity in tech.

Greathouse bolstered his case for women to hide their gender by pointing to theBlind auditionsused by orchestras, which helped professional orchestras transform from being 95% male in the 1970s to much more equal.