One group of such innovators, Zero Mass Water, have contributed to this effort through their creation of ‘the world’s first and only hydropanel’ – an apparatus called SOURCE. SOURCE uses solar energy to generate water from the humidity in the air.

Appearing like a solar panel, it is completely self-contained, producing clean water even in conditions with low sunlight and humidity.

Australian NBA player Patty Mills’ philanthropic Community Water Project partnered with Zero Mass Water to supply clean drinking water to Indigenous communities living in drought-stressed areas of arid Australia.

SOURCE was installed in six different remote communities to provide adequate drinking water without the need to construct an elaborate infrastructure.

Supplying renewable water with renewable energy, it replaces water infrastructure systems that may deplete, contaminate, or pollute valuable water reserves, affecting local ecosystems.

Architects and designers working in locations with limited access to water, providing supplies to remote or disadvantaged communities, or simply concerned with sustainability would all benefit from this innovation.

With a single panel providing enough water for 2-3 people, the technology could be used not only for large communities but for sustainably-focused residential homes as well.