GCEDC President and CEO Steve Hyde said Thursday that the town of Alabama mega-site was a contender for an American production facility sought by Asian electronics manufacturer Foxconn – one that is reportedly going to Madison, Wisc.

There have been a half-dozen other big players to consider the site, Hyde and other GCEDC officials said Thursday, but each entity’s timeline was too quick for the available infrastructure.

“We have a full sales funnel, but some of the market feedback we’re hearing is that STAMP is a great site, we’re ready to go after biggest of global projects, but our timelines are too long for a company building a,” Hyde said.

To attract a project on a scale far beyond even STAMP’s proposed 1366 Technologies facility, Hyde told board members the county will start seeking assistance for “Track two” projects beyond the $40 million “Track one” work that is bringing water, sewer, electric and site infrastructure to STAMP. “We need to scale up the infrastructure so it can be designed for 12 million gallons of water, for nine to 10 million gallons of sewer and 500 megawatts of energy,” Hyde said.

As for 1366 Technologies, the Massachusetts-based solar wafer manufacturer seeking to develop a parcel at STAMP, Hyde said nothing has changed.

“I’m not sure that we’re ready for a project at this time,” GCEDC boardmember Craig Yunker said.

The GCEDC accepted an initial resolution for aid from Gateway GS LLC for the Gallina Spec project.