The future of shopping at a store? It looks a lot like shopping online, with personalized suggestions, no waiting and help that pops up out of nowhere when you pause for a few seconds.

Watson goes shopping: Earlier this month, one of the newest shopping apps that relies on big data launched.

Deep learning takes all sorts of signals and personal information, such ass hopping history and spending, to make gift giving less of a chore.

Smart shopping bag: Adding items to a shopping bag and walking out the store’s door today may feel like shoplifting.

Tomorrow? Kevin Schaff, founder of Twyst Inc. in Greenwood Village, believes retailers will give smart shopping bags their blessing.

The bag provides data to the retailer that was previously a benefit of online shopping, such customers who bought this product also bought that product.

We can feed all that to the consumer or retailer and use big-data analytics to really change the dynamicof shopping in a store, Schaff said.