The financing will support the commercialization of FreeWire’s ultrafast EV charging and mobile on-site power technologies, along with expansion of the company’s operations and sales teams.

At the start of 2018, BP Ventures announced an investment in conjunction with the launch of a pilot program to deploy FreeWire’s infrastructure-light EV fast chargers at BP retail sites in the UK. “FreeWire was one of BP’s first investments in the advanced mobility space and we remain excited by their expertise and technologies,” said David Gilmour, Vice President of BP Ventures.

The closing of the Series A round follows the previous announcement of Stanley Ventures as an investor and the appointment of both Michael Mahan, Investment Manager at Stanley Ventures, and Chad Bown, Investment Principal at BP Ventures, to FreeWire’s Board of Directors.

As industries traditionally dependent on fossil fuels become increasingly electrified, FreeWire will continue to create scalable power solutions while mitigating expensive installation costs and site constraints.

FreeWire Technologies builds future-proof power solutions that transcend the limitations of existing infrastructure to meet customers’ growing needs for rapid, cost-efficient power – wherever it’s needed.

With FreeWire’s infrastructure-light EV charging and mobile power solutions, FreeWire customers can tackle new applications and deploy new business models without the complexity of traditional energy infrastructure.

FreeWire’s Mobi Gen product line offers clean and quiet on-site power to substitute or supplement the use of diesel generators for a variety of remote power needs.