Rubicon Global announced former Indianapolis Mayor and smart city expert Stephen Goldsmith has joined Rubicon’s Board of Directors and former Philadelphia Mayor and sustainability policy champion Michael Nutter has joined Rubicon’s Advisory Board.

The former mayors will work with the Rubicon executive leadership team in key advisory roles, specifically around technology adoption and the growth of Rubicon’s smart city offering.

“We are thrilled to welcome Stephen Goldsmith to our Rubicon Board of Directors and Michael Nutter to our Advisory Board, two thought leaders who bring a wealth of smart city and sustainability experience from the crucial city and municipality point of view,” said Nate Morris, Rubicon Global’s chairman and CEO, in a statement.

“Our Rubicon Board of Directors and Advisory Board have an experience level in sustainability, technology and policy that is unmatched in the waste and recycling industry, and we are honored by their commitment to Rubicon Global and the Rubicon family.”

Nutter’s recent book, “Mayor: The Best Job in Politics,” dives into the collaboration and achievements that can be earned between a mayor and its citizens.

“Governments today are integrating data and technology to drive efficiency and respond more effectively to citizen demands around waste, recycling and quality of life issues. RUBICONSmartCity allows city managers, department heads, IT directors and elected officials to use the power of data to make better decisions that dramatically improve the waste and recycling results for their municipalities and its citizens,” said Michael Allegretti, chief public strategy officer for Rubicon, in a statement.

“The industry experience and knowledge that Mayor Goldsmith and Mayor Nutter will bring to the Rubicon family is unprecedented in the world of smart city and sustainability, and we are honored to have them join with us on our company mission to end waste.”