What are some of the challenges with large scale picking of produce when it comes to Food safety and the handling of fragile produce? The food processing industry presents unique challenges to EOATs in packaging and handling applications.

There are three main food safety challenges that are of utmost concern to food producers.

The air these systems use to attach to a food item is sucked back into the device – and along with it, food particles that can be harbored inside breeding bacteria.

Food Safety has always been important to manufacturers, but it seems to be ever prevalent in today’s conversations – why so? Creating clean and contamination-free production areas that lower the risk of costly food recalls is the driving factor for food safety these days.

What questions should a manufacturer be asking their supplier to make sure the system is food safe? When evaluating an EOAT solution for food processing and handling these questions will help choose a solution that delivers both the productivity and safety results needed.

How is Soft Robotics addressing Food Safety and why do you feel your products offer the best solutions? Soft Robotics uses advances in material science, material design and Good Manufacturing Practice to innovate the design and functionality of EOATs and to make them the safest for food contact.

Where do you see the biggest growth over the next several years in the food handling market? Safety, quality and maintaining the integrity of food products will continue to be primary business drivers in the food handling market.