The company was chosen as one of ten winners for its proven track record, potential scale, innovation and momentum as it expands its proprietary electrochemical energy storage technology and vertical intelligence platform globally with the aim of providing low cost, reliable energy storage to 100 million people by 2025.

Bloomberg’s New Energy Pioneer Awards recognize game-changing innovators that are revolutionizing the energy sector and aim to illustrate and accelerate the transition that is underway in today’s energy system.

Fluidic Energy provides Zinc-air energy storage solutions that are long-duration capable, cost effective and operable within harsh environments.

Fluidic Energy was formed with the goal of enabling widespread adoption of renewables through the lowest cost clean energy storage technology.

The company has raised nearly $200 million in funding, filed over 100 patents, replaced over 1,470 diesel generators, executed over 2,000 installations worldwide and delivered long-duration energy storage solutions to large commercial customers for over five years.

Fluidic Energy systems have been replacing environmentally damaging diesel gensets for more than five years, equating to 4,900 metric tons CO2 reduction worldwide.

Competing primarily against lead acid batteries and diesel generators, Fluidic Energy’s Zinc-air long duration energy storage technology has been disrupting the market without subsidies, leveraging its real world experience to hone delivery model that looks beyond the technology itself to ensure deployments remain sustainable for the long term.