By supporting Fluidic Energy’s expansion of its game-changing, intelligent and low cost energy storage technology, ACP hopes to expand renewable energy access in Southeast Asia while limiting carbon intensive energy adoption and replacing environmentally damaging diesel gensets.

In one of the company’s recent projects, Fluidic deployed more than 22MWh of energy storage to 96 PV and energy storage powered rural electrification projects across the archipelago, providing clean and reliable energy to more than 110,000 people.

Although we were founded in the U.S. and offer solutions for markets such as telecom, grid firming, and critical power, we immediately recognized the  positive impact we could have in the Asia-Pacific region. We focused much ofour commercialization strategy on Asia for the first several years simply because there was a problem that we knew we could help fix,” said Steve Scharnhorst, CEO of Fluidic Energy.

Fluidic solutions can store large amounts of energy and discharge that energy over several days, providing autonomy to villages and communities.

Fluidic Energy is dedicated to accelerating the worldwide transformation to clean, reliable energy through its innovative and intelligent energy storage solutions.

Enabled by groundbreaking battery technology and smart-grid intelligence, Fluidic Energy designs, manufactures and markets long-duration energy storage solutions globally.

Fluidic Energy continues to build momentum as the long-duration energy storage leader, installing systems worldwide that increase reliability, functionality and surpass cost targets necessary for practical energy storage adoption.