President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, was in attendance for the signing of the MOU in Washington D.C. The village grid systems deployed will utilize more than 35MWp of photovoltaic panels and in excess of 250MWh of Fluidic Energy storage capacity.

This project enhances Fluidic’s positioning as a global energy storage leader,” said Steve Scharnhorst, CEO of Fluidic Energy.

As part of the500 Islandteam, Fluidic will supply the energy storage systems including its integrated smart grid intelligence.

Since 2011, Fluidic Energy’s intelligent storage systems have already been deployed in Indonesia to support other energy infrastructure projects. In every situation we have exceeded all performance expectations in challenging environments. This project will greatly benefit these remote villages providing them with safe, sustainable, and reliable energy improving the standard of living and the local economies.”

Fluidic Energy is dedicated to accelerating the worldwide transformation to clean, reliable energy through its innovative and intelligent energy storage solutions.

Enabled by groundbreaking battery technology and smart-grid intelligence, Fluidic Energy designs, manufactures and markets proprietary energy storage solutions globally.

Fluidic continues to build momentum as the long-duration energy storage leader, installing systems worldwide that increase reliability, functionality and surpass cost targets necessary for practical energy storage adoption.