Echelon is highly focused on solving data problems. In today’s tech world, data is the key to our most difficult problems — including those of climate change, social issues, and of the rising complexities of modern living. As a part of the movement to make advances in data science, we’d like to discuss some of the leaders and changemakers in the data science industry.

These five companies are not only innovative but are examples of what we want to achieve within the Echelon community. In time, we believe these five brands will be at the forefront of the next generation’s data science and tech industries.

GuideWheel – Plug-and-play FactoryOps platform
Coming out of the Stanford Climate Ventures, GuideWheel is the nation’s easiest data analytics tool for manufacturing systems. This plug-and-play FactoryOps system allows you to track the output and functions of any machinery and access the data from your computer or mobile device. Simply clip the GuideWheel sensors to your machinery, and your team can then use the information for incident management and maximizing productivity.

GuideWheel offers bigger and better data solutions for manufacturing. Their advances could open up new possibilities for factories across the world, creating a better future for us all.

Pie Insurance – Getting workers’ comp really is as easy as pie
Any small business owner can attest to how frustrating and expensive it can be to find worker’s comp insurance. It’s often required as soon as you hire your first employee, which makes finding the best deal imperative. But, with all the hassle that goes into the process, you’re likely to choose the first company that offers a reasonable rate.

Pie Insurance is looking to change this. They understand the demands and tight budget that small businesses are under and help save costs by providing a direct to small business model that is simple and affordable. Their online process puts time and money back in your hands with a quote in five minutes or less. As they say, it’s as easy as pie.

First Resonance – A new way to build hardware
First Resonance was founded by former engineers from NASA and SpaceX looking to accelerate growth in UI tools for manufacturing. The Ion Execute and Ion Trace help your facility sync your team and track progress from initial design to delivery in one simple software. Unlike other UI for manufacturing, this program is flexible to the needs of your team and provides powerful data to identify roadblocks in your productivity. There has never been a more user-friendly or efficient system for manufacturing and design.

Not only is the software itself revolutionary, but the team behind it is equally exceptional. The small startup’s core group is focused on innovation and believes passionately in solving the problems they once faced as engineers at leading tech companies across the U.S. With their mission to inspire at the highest level of the tech space, First Resonance is paving the way for a data science revolution in manufacturing.

Insurtech Gateway – The fastest place to build and launch an insurance idea.
Insurtech Gateway believes that data-driven solutions are the key to advancements in insurance technology (Insurtech), and is ready to put their money where their mouth is. They operate both a VC fund and an FCA-authorized incubator to grow the insurance industry into what it could be tomorrow.

The incubator at Insurtech Gateway offers underwriting, regulatory compliance, pre-seed funding, and expert guidance to help startups grow and reach the next level in their design and product-market fit. Once startups graduate from the incubator, they have the opportunity to receive seed funding for rapid growth. Both work in tandem to develop the most robust startups in the insurtech space, with the freedom to fail and the support to make innovations come to life.

Confection – Privacy-first data generator solutions
In today’s privacy-first browsing world, martech companies are struggling to reach all potential users and track their data effectively. Certain browsers such as Safari and Firefox are continually blocking over 72,000 cookies, pixels, scripts, and trackers which limits marketers’ ability to target ads effectively and collect data for their clients. In fact, studies show that up to 25% of users and their page interactions are going untracked by major marketing firms, and their clients’ digital ads are unseen by this major sector of their potential audience.

According to its CEO Quimby Melton, Confection’s goal is to “build a new standard by which data is collected, stored, and distributed online.” Their platform eliminates the need for cookies, third-party scripts, and front-end IDs so your company can collect data regardless of what happens on the user-end. Plus, it’s compliant with international data privacy laws so that consumers are equally benefitting. The result? A data-driven solution for marketing that makes marketing simple for everyone.

Innovations in data science are not easy. To break barriers and make advancements, these companies have to stretch beyond the limits of the human imagination and take a leap of faith into the future. However, they are also proving that these leaps are possible, and can potentially make the world a better place.

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