Put its Expert Network and Global Future Councils to the task by making them team up with the Scientific American in order to understand the breakthrough technologies this year.

According to the study, each of the technologies listed will drastically “Improve lives, transform industries and safeguard the planet” over the next 3-5 years.

We can finally divide water molecules into their constituent parts by using the sun, just like plants, and this could help us create a much more efficient source of energy very soon.

With the help of deep learning, we could analyze and resolve some of humanity’s biggest problems, including improving production methods, managing resources, and even solving #The World.

A sizable portion of our planet still doesn’t have access to clean drinking water, but all that is set to change thanks to this ground-breaking process.

MIT and UC-Berkeley have managed to turn air into water by using the existing vapor in the air and converting it into drinking water.

Several other companies, such as Zero Mass Water are now working on building large-scale, working models of this process, so the world might soon be rid of its nasty water problems.