First Resonance makes software for making hardware.

The company’s Ion platform provides an all-in-one option for anyone who has to manage manufacturing lines, supply chains, engineering and design, among other things.

Now, with $14 million in new funding, the company aims to scale up its presence and make a full-court press on the hardware makers of the world.

Founded by a team of former SpaceX engineers, First Resonance was created because they felt the processes they’d helped create at the launch provider would be helpful to people making everything from drones to toys to other rockets.

“In 2020, First Resonance was just getting its first customers. It was a year where manufacturers and people building hardware definitely needed something to connect their people working from home with the factory, and connect multiple types of factories – it just happens that the product we’re building here perfectly suits itself to that,” said co-founder and CEO Karan Talati.

Even larger, richer companies that could build their own brand-new stack are opting to go with Ion, he said, imitating other successful companies that choose to bolt on a market-ready process rather than spend a year and tens of millions designing their own.

The money will go toward scaling and improving the company, particularly their “Go to market team.” But the product is evolving too, with the team working on integrating more sources of data into intelligence streams that produce actionable insights within seconds of changes.

Embracing more factories and hardware types with an expanded SDK is also on the horizon.