The world would be a better place if it looked like Star Trek, still one of the most progressive, utopian TV shows ever made.

The Roddenberry Foundation, set up in memory of Star Trek’s creator Gene Roddenberry, aims to take us a little closer to that vision.

The nonprofit seeds innovation projects through catalyst grants, a fellowship program, and now through a $1 million challenge.

It is repurposing an existing technology called a PEM electrolyzer, which help skeep costs down.

The challenge is open to mid-development projects that have shown feasibility, but could do with a little extra attention and money, Ipp says.

The runners-up this year include the Cancer Cell Map Initiative, which maps molecular networks underlying cancers and, using supercomputers, identifies promising pathways for new drugs; and FarmDrive, which is helping smallholder farmers in Kenya to access credit by developing alternative forms of credit scoring based on mobile phone data.

Ipp says the projects were chosen for their potential impact and because they cover a cross-section of areas, from climate change to health.