CAMBRIDGE, Mass.-(BUSINESS WIRE)-Health technology company Bloomer Tech today announced that it has raised $3M in a Series Seed funding round.

Adam Sharkawy, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Material Impact and a former cardiovascular healthcare executive, will be serving as Bloomer’s Chair of the Board.

“Bloomer’s groundbreaking technology has the capacity to monitor and identify new biologic mechanisms that contribute to heart disease. We are really excited to work with Bloomer and their transformative patient-centered platform.”

With paid pilots planned for 2020, Bloomer will use its seed funding to expand its pilot program, collect key clinical data and further develop the commercial product and user experience.

About Bloomer Tech Bloomer Tech is a healthcare technology and services company focused on accelerating cardiovascular research and improving patient care.

Bloomer is ushering in a new age of personalized diagnostics with the launch of the Bloomer Bra, the world’s first electrocardiogram device that looks and feels like a bra.

Bloomer Tech and its founders have been supported by the MIT Legatum Center and have been part of MIT’s deltaV accelerator at the Martin Trust Center, the MIT Integrated Design and Management program and the MIT Computational Cardiovascular Research Group.