It hasn’t forgotten its humble beginnings in Search – today, the company is launching an update that should make searching on Google a much more personalized experience.

At the core of the update is the “Feed,” or the stream of information you’ll get when you head to the Google app or the formerly-named “Google Now” section on your Google Pixel or Pixel XL smartphone.

You won’t see the changes when you head to the Google website on your desktop just yet – though the company says that it’s working on bringing the update to browsers at some point in the near future.

You can tap the header of the card in the Google app to search the relevant topic on Google.

If you, for example, start learning the guitar and search about the instrument on the web, Google might pick up on that new interest and present a guide on “How to string your guitar” that was written two years ago.

The changes so far have been about Google picking up on your interests – but you can also explicitly tell Google about an interest of yours with a new “Follow” button that will show up on topic cards in Google Search.

The update to the feed is available in both the Android and iOS version of the Google app, and Google Pixel owners will be able to experience the updated feed by swiping left on their home screen.