Frequently Asked Questions

If you are still seeking answers in addition to the list of FAQs on this page, we encourage you to schedule time for a more in-depth discussion or ask us questions directly in the chat box. We look forward to engaging with you!

Yes. Echelon has a diversified capital stack with an emphasis on “first checks” into innovative companies. We can support you in the initial phase as you are figuring out the concept. Sometimes this is in the form of a “first check” if you already have a pretty refined concept, or using our network to get you set up with consulting projects that will help you find the market need to build into. 

A: The advisory board is composed of industry experts in finance, technology, scientists and operations. Each operating company has the choice of who they would like to be advised by on their own board…whoever you think is cool. 

A: We work with the entrepreneurs to figure out how much funding they will need, what milestones they need to hit, and how long it will take for them to reach critical mass. 

A: We have pre determined spinout clauses so it is crystal clear upfront what equity splits will look like upon exit.

A: No. There isn’t a minimum stay period however its best for the business to wait to spinout until after the investment/loan made during the company building phase is paid back. Exit clauses are predetermined with each entrepreneur prior to working with Echelon. 

A: Yes however the tax benefits of registering in WY far outweigh any other location. 

A: Yes! Although we are here to support in whatever you need.

A: Absolutely. We are all about whatever brings added layers of value and support. We are also always looking to expand our network.

A: Once you are part of Echelon, you are always considered a part of the ecosystem!

A: We are currently US based but open to non-US at some point in the future.

A: The best fit within Echelon are businesses that compliment each other and therefore share similar customer types. We operate with a “non-zero sum” mentality. If we think there is benefit to a similar company we’ll discuss it with you to see if you see the same. We’ll never do anything uncool to you.

A: Not necessarily. Echelon advisors and partnering operating companies will help you determine the best markets and growth strategy for your business.

A: Network, Capital, technical resources, HR, legal, accounting, business and healthcare insurance, marketing, business development.