In today’s startup environment, it’s become standard operating procedure for stock options to be counted as part of an employee’s overall compensation.

Most startup employees are totally in the dark about how many stock options they have, how many of those options have vested, and how much converting those options into stock will cost.

It started with digitized stock certificates, but then moved on to offer electronic stock options, which in turn enables its clients to see their cap tables updates in real-time whenever an employee decides to exercise those options.

Now it’s extending similar benefits to startup employees, who will for the first time be able to keep track of their stock and options all in one place.

Employees whose companies use eShares will now have a real-time dashboard that shows all outstanding option grants, their vesting schedules and their strike price.

Employees need only connect their checking account to eShares and the platform will deduct the necessary funds to exercise options.

Once you remove those costs, there’s more reason for startups to want their employees to own more stock and fewer options.