The Mountain View, Ca.-based outfit right now maintains the cap tables of 1,500 companies, including Slack and Blue Bottle Coffee, and says it’s adding 200 more companies each month.

It’s worth noting that employees on eShares can hook up their bank account to their eShares account and self-exercise their options and we wire the money straight to the company, as well as issue the employee new stock certificates.

HW: We’re kind of figuring it out, but Industry Ventures has access to a lot of deals and a lot of capital, and we have access to a lot of companies.

TC: How might SEC Regulation A+, which allows companies to secure funding via crowdfunding provided they’re compliant with certain laws and standards, impact your business? It must create challenges for the companies in managing their cap tables.

HW: We support crowdfunding, but many early adopters have been ventureand angel-backed companies, and we’re suddenly finding the most growth in companies that are not venture backed, that are older, smalland medium-size businesses from Middle America.

TC: How big a business do you think these companies will become foreShares?

If you’re on the board of one company, you’re likely to be on the board of another company.