Beryl, an entrepreneur who graduated from Riviera Beach’s Suncoast High School in 1999, co-founded a company to loan money to people online who are careful about their finances but can’t necessarily pass standard credit tests.

Last week, Beryl opened Earnest to borrowers in Florida, where they can apply online for one-year loans of up to $10,000 at 6 percent interest.

Still, some financial advisers say Earnest may not be the best choice forc onsumers seeking short-term loans.

People could use a credit card promotion that promises zero interest and about 3 percent in fees for a loan of up to a year, suggested Matt Saneholtz, certified financial planner with Tobias Financial Advisors in Plantation.

Plus, consumers should consider waiting to save the money instead of agreeing to a short-term loan, he said.

Beryl said many South Floridians, especially young people starting out, are turned down for credit cards or other loans because they don’t yet have enough of a credit history.

Beryl’s mother said she ended up loaning him money so he could go to Harvard because he was having trouble obtaining a loan.