If you want to know what the American Dream looks like in real life, Adrian Harper is a living, breathing example.

In 2000, Adrian Harper arrived at as a freshman at St. John’s University in Minnesota, by way of the Bahamas from his birthplace of Jamaica.

After studying computer science and communication, he started getting work experience in business management and IT. Soon, Adrian went back to school in order to earn his MBA at California Lutheran University, where he was awarded his graduate degree in 2009.

Ultimately, Adrian says, he was compelled to make the leap to running his own business in order to meet the market need he saw for people who not only understood technology infrastructure, but who could also relay that information that to clients.

Like so many entrepreneurial newcomers to the United States, Adrian had come for the education and stayed for the business opportunities.

His personal life? Adrian says his soul-searching-and cost-cutting-has given him a whole new sense of calm and prosperity.

Adrian’s Advice for EntrepreneursConsult people who have been there to see the pitfalls. Look to experienced people for their wisdom and guidance and you can save yourself a lot of time.” “Make sure you have an experienced bookkeeper. From the beginning I sought people who had the experience to help guide me and teach me how to operate.” “Be honest with yourself with what you’re looking for. What you really want to do is already within you-dig deep and let it shine.” Latest posts by Catherine New.