A decade later, Lerner is applying those lessons to the engineering sector in hopes of helping candidates with real-world coding experience land jobs at tech companies that often seem to prize pedigree above all.

The company matches qualified engineers with jobs at top tech companies including Facebook, Amazon, Uber and Airbnb by ditching resumes and offering live, technical interviews on its platform.

Removing a resume from the equation helps boost job prospects for talented software engineers from diverse socioeconomic and geographic backgrounds who may not have had the chance to attend, say, MIT – or another pricey school with on-campus recruiting and interview training.

Before starting the application process, interviewing.io sets candidates up with vetted engineers for free, anonymous interview practice.

The strongest performers then unlock the ability to book real interviews with companies on the startup’s roster, including Lyft, Quora, and Asana.

“Because aggregate interview data is much more predictive than a resume or single interview, most candidates pass immediately to an onsite,” said Lerner.

The platform hopes to improve the number of women and people of color hired to top-tier tech companies; interviewing.io even built in a real-time voice masking capability to obscure a candidate’s gender.