Following in the footsteps of the computing and internet industries, entrepreneurs and startups will play a key role in developing these new energy technologies.

As a result of the many missteps, few venture capitalists are still willing to invest in early-stage energy startups that are using hardcore science or engineering to make new energy technologies.

While these groups might not be household names, their success could prove crucial in determining if important energy technologies will ever see the light of day, and will be able to help transform the way the world generates and uses energy.

Cyclotron Road is the brainchild of Ilan Gur, a former director at ARPA-E, the Department of Energy’s high-risk, early-stage program that doles out grants to “Moonshots” or big energy ideas.

Cyclotron Road is unique in that it vets energy entrepreneurs and provides the best who qualify with access to rare, multimillion-dollar lab equipment.

Hard scienceCyclotron Road isn’t the only group that’s emerged to try to cultivate future energy entrepreneurs in new ways.

Then there’s Bill Gates and his group of billionaires that have pledged to fund early-stage energy technologies through the Breakthrough Energy Coalition.