Disheartening news is that more than 50% of Puerto Rico is without clean water in mid-October.

Sunrun, Empowered by Light, and Givepower are already providing clean energy technologies that have provided clean energy access to other communities in need around the world.

Progressing emergency relief even for remote areas is possible as Sunrun also collaborates with fire stations in Puerto Rico.

“The effort, which was coordinated on the ground in partnership with San Juan fire chief Alberto Cruz and Las Vegas fire captain Richard Birt, includes the delivery and installation of solar-powered micro-grids at two fire stations on the island, as well as the deployment of three solar-powered water desalination systems, five innovative water production systems, and three portable solar-powered units to remote communities on the island,” a press release states.

“In partnership with Sunrun-the nation’s largest dedicated residential solar, storage and energy services company, renewable energy-focused non-profit Givepower, Zero Mass Water and several dedicated individuals, Empowered by Light organized the deployment in response to news reports stating that most of the island is still without power, and. In fact, the combination of effort will deliver and install solar micro-grids, water desalination, and purification systems, and water production systems to fire stations for the dangerously dehydrated on the hurricane-ravaged island of Puerto Rico.”.

“The first solar system, a 4kW solar array with battery storage, was installed at the Barrio Obrero fire station in San Juan. The second installation is planned and active at another local fire station. The water desalination and purification systems will be deployed over the next several days.”It appears the federal emergency response is focused on diesel to repower the island,” said Marco Krapels, Co-founder of Empowered by Light, who spearheaded the effort.

“Our hearts go out to the millions affected by recent hurricanes, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to provide quick relief in Puerto Rico. Unfortunately, extreme weather events will continue to impact the communities where we live. In the wake of recovery, it’s critical to rebuild smarter with resilient, distributed power like rooftop solar and storage.”