With its broad qualification criteria and customizable repayment options, Earnest’s student loan refinancing is particularly appealing for people with short credit histories and entry-level incomes.

So if you have any questions about your loan, you can contact the company directly, instead of tracking down an outside loan servicing company.

If you decide you can budget $400 a month toward your student loans, you can opt to pay that exact amount, and Earnest will give you whatever term and interest rate correspond to that amount.

Nontraditional underwriting: Unlike many student loan refinancing lenders, Earnest determines whether you qualify by looking at more than just your credit score, income level and existing debt.

Syncs online financial accounts: As part of its application process, Earnest requires potential borrowers to connect their online banking, investment and retirement accounts with Earnest’s data-driven underwriting system.

Residents should consider one of the many other student loan refinancing lenders that serve borrowers in those states.

You can fill out one application and get offers from several lenders through NerdWallet’s partner Credible, a student loan refinancing marketplace.