Earnest has launched a loan program for financially responsible graduating students and young professionals.

Instead of using outdating credit scoring processes, Earnest uses technology to evaluate individual borrowers.

Earnest conducts the evaluation using an applicant’s full financial profile and no just credit scores.

We are excited to offer loans to people who are independently building their future and deserve a smart and fair financial option for important life events and milestones,” stated Louis Beryl, co-founder and CEO of Earnest.

Our clients have been using their Earnest loans for responsible milestone purchases. We love getting to know their life stories since we get to play small part in it, whether it is moving into a new apartment or purchasing an engagement ring. It is all about making it happen for them in a financially responsible way.”

Applicants can choose one-year loans at 5.5% interest or two-year loans at 6.5% interest of $1,000 to $20,000.

Earnest launched with programs across Massachusetts and Florida.