Boston-headquartered startup career school Startup Institute has a new partnership with San Francisco-based micro-lender Earnest to help potential students afford the costs of the program that has become one way in to the often dizzying world of tech startups.

The new loan product will be offered to Startup Institute students, who are often folks wanting to break into the startup world as a mid-career change or are looking for alternatives to graduate school.

At first, when it was known as Boston Startup School, the program was free, with the tuition subsidized by partnerships and companies who hired program graduates.

Later, Startup Institute shifted to a charged tuition model for individuals that was then often covered by companies that hired them out of the program.

Currently, it costs $4,750 to attend the 8-week Boston Startup Institute and $5,250 for the New York City program.

The Startup Institute’s website says that partner companies often offer $1,250 in tuition reimbursementAs an incentive to join their team after graduation.”

Louis Beryl, chief executive and co-founder of Earnest, said that he looks at Startup Institute as a next generation educational institution and added that, “Someone who is going to Startup Institute is really making an investment in their future.”