At the start of this year, Earnest was an intriguing but small entrant in an emerging field of start-ups using new tools of data and software to analyze credit risk and make consumer loans.

The new financing brings the total raised by Earnest, founded in 2013, to $325 million.

The long-term goal, he said, is toBuild a platform for the next generation of consumer financial services.” The financial service that has carried Earnest so far is refinancing student loans, which it began at the end of January.

It is by far the largest part of the company’s business, and Earnest’s success points to the opportunity in services to ease the burden on the nation’s debt-laden students and recent graduates.

Earnest is focusing on the more indebted recent graduates.

Earnest has made individual loans of more than $250,000.

Mr. Beryl said Earnest has had no delinquency problems on its student refinancing loans.