Today, his headcount is approaching 200 and thankfully for his staff Earnest has taken over a 25,000 square-foot space in the same office building that Uber and Square call home.

Earnest raised $75 million in Series B funding and just weeks later, Beryl and his wife brought home a baby boy.

Edited Excerpts: Caroline Fairchild: You wrote recently that startup funding is a means not an end, what did you mean by that? Louis Beryl: Building company is really hard.

We need to build a robust company that is relevant in all interest rate environments.

CF: What is your advice for startup moms and dads trying to make it work? LB: If you are running a startup and you have a partner, regardless of if you  have a company, you should thank your partner every single day for allowing you to do something so crazy every day and build something from scratch.

You could go get a 9-to-5 job and be home every night for dinner, but building a startup is really hard and an emotional roller-coaster for you and your partner.

The people who are dedicating their lives to Earnest aren’t just the employees of Earnest, it is the partners and families of everyone who works at Earnest.