First Resonance’s Factory Operating System, ion, is revolutionizing the way manufacturers coordinate their workflow processes and is gaining traction with customers such as Matternet, Joby Aviation, and Astra.

Using approved Engineering Change Orders as the integration point between Duro and ion ensures only reviewed and approved data is released to the production floor.

“At Duro, we’re partnering with best-in-class companies like First Resonance to take software for the manufacturing industry to unprecedented heights,” said Michael Corr, CEO of Duro.

“We’re building the best systems and tools possible so that superior hardware products can get to market quickly and efficiently. Hardware product workflow tools have notoriously been too complicated and time-consuming to configure. Duro’s mission is to fix this by creating a truly plug-and-play platform for hardware teams to move faster than ever before.”

In conjunction with the new partnership, CEOs Karan Talati and Michael Corr from First Resonance and Duro, respectively, will be keynote speakers at the new LA Hardware Meetup on August 17th at 7PM PT. Those interested in attending the inaugural online meetup, sponsored by informal, can RSVP here.

Duro is helping companies like Sphero, Arevo, and Rapid Robotics innovate better and faster.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California and run by a team of former engineers at SpaceX, JPL, Zoox, and Toyota, First Resonance is breaking down the barriers between design, manufacturing, and product delivery with its ion manufacturing platform, so engineers building next-generation hardware companies can move faster and continuously innovate on delivering better hardware to the world.