Drillinginfo, an energy software and data analytics company, has acquired Austin-based MineralSoft.

Drillinginfo, which is also based in Austin, has been working in partnership with MineralSoft, which makes a software platform to manage mineral assets and royalties, since 2017, said Gabe Wilcox, Co-founder and CEO of MineralSoft.

As part of its partnership, MineralSoft uses Drillinginfo data in its platform for “Managing mineral and non-operated portfolios, including revenue and expense data; production and regulatory data; and a full land and document management system,” according to a news release.

Currently, MineralSoft works with more than 120 institutional clients and handles more than $100 million of royalty and non-operated revenue monthly across 225,000 client-owned wells.

In 2018, MineralSoft clients logged more than $1.3 billion of mineral acquisitions on the platform.

MineralSoft has designed a platform for those owners to more effectively manage their interests.

The leadership team is staying on at MineralSoft and it is continuing to hire new employees and scale its products, Wilcox said.