Ten years ago Dow Jones unveiled its Wealth Manager Web Services, which it described asa revolutionary solution that enables financial firms to provide their advisors with reasons for personalized client contact integrated within the firmsenterprise-wide client-service applications.”

The idea back then was to provide advisorsa stream of custom communication ideas by matching stories, articles and features from award-winning sources, including Dow Jones Newswires and the Wall Street Journal, to client-specific interests and holdings,” according to a Dow Jones press release issued in September 2006.

Now Dow Jones has teamed up with content marketer Vestorly toIntegrate exclusive, licensed content powered by Dow Jones, including The Wall Street Journal, with financial advisorsemail newsletters, websites and social media feeds.”

The idea is to enable financial advisors toDelight their clients with content they actually want,” says Justin Wisz, CEO and co-founder of four-year-old Vestorly, which provides digital content and analytics services to financial-service firms.

For marketing expert Joe Stallings, providing content is a great way for advisors to win and keep their clientsloyalty especially if comes directly from advisors.

The partnership with Dow Jones looks like a winner, says Stallings, because VestorlyBy and large provides good value for the priceand Dow Jones‘ “Wall Street Journal is obviously the standard bearer of financial journalism.”

Despite a long public relations windup which included the formation of Wealth Management Advisory Council, which, from late 2005 through 2007, opined on things likeHigh-Net-Worth Hurdles in 2006and the need forWealth preservation in 2008 by early 2010 the publisher’s initial attempt to provide its content to advisors had just one taker, a sole-practitioner RIA. But this time out Dow Jones is confident things will be different.