So beyond saving money for its clients, Rubicon can nudge them toward environmental responsibility by diverting waste from landfills into recycled goods.

According to a report issued by Waste Business Journal in 2012, the waste industry over all was worth $55 billion.

Mr. Spiegel, whose family had been hauling trash for generations, proceeded to give Mr. Morris an education in the waste business.

Dumpster-diving remains the primary way that those in waste management analyze their customerstrash.

Rubicon collects all sorts of it: the value per ton and per cubic yard of various materials, in various regions; the volume of clientswaste; how often that waste is removed; which haulers are servicing which locations for which clients, and so on.

Janette Micelli, a spokeswoman for Waste Management, said the waste and recycling businessIs populated with hundreds of brokers, Rubicon Global being one,” and she pointed to Waste Management’s landfills as a major competitive advantage.

With Rubicon’s vision of zero waste far from a reality, it and Waste Management actually do business with each other; Rubicon has awarded Waste Management some contracts.